miniPrevail® SL

The answer to achieve excellent, predictable treatment results in less time.

Interactive, Self–Ligating Bracket System

Uses a NiTi spring clip that is strong enough to deliver continuous and consistent forces while assuring tooth movement control.

  • When using round archwires (up to .020″) allows PASSIVE engagement during initial leveling and alignment to reduce friction and improve sliding mechanics.
  • When using rectangular archwires (from .016″x.022″), becomes ACTIVE to provide effective torque and rotation control toward the end of treatment.

Metal Injection Molded Surgical–Grade Stainless Steel (MIM)

Constructed of a specialized micro–grain stainless steel MIM powder, ideal for creating small, robust appliances that are inherently stronger and more dimensionally accurate than other similar brackets.

ETCHED 80-Gauge Mesh Anatomical Bonding Base

  • matches the anatomical curvature of the tooth for maximum contact and a strong, consistent bond