EXPERIENCE L is a lingual bracket that combines the efficiency of self-ligation, the patient comfort of a low profile design, and the user friendliness of a gold toned clip. EXPERIENCE LSB is a smaller based option for either more crowded or minor tooth movement cases.

CNC Milling bracket

After metal (MIM) or ceramic (CIM) injection into the mold an additional step is conducted with each of our self-ligating brackets. This step involves milling each slot to guarantee its precision. The process, called CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled), is the best way to ensure an exact slot size of .018” and/or.022”.  For consistent milling the milling blade is changed after every 1000 brackets.  Our brackets perfectly express the programmed torque and angulation for predictable results.

Micro sandblasted anatomical base

Active clip
Low profile for greater comfort

Golden spring-clip for better visibility. Two contact points. Full slot coverage

How to open EXPERIENCE L & LSB?

Face openning:

A lingual bracket similar to EXPERIENCE™ L, with a smaller base. It is the tool of choice for esthetic corrections in the anterior segment. Invisible, it meets the requirements of an adult patienthood for cosmetic indications. It can be bonded directly on the lingual surfaces of the teeth or with a transfer tray.

Patient Brochure