GC KommonBase

The GC KommonBase System™

GC KommonBase Clear

GC KommonBase Pink

Extended base with GC KommonBase LV

Improvements in customized base design and bonding materials have led to the development of a precise direct-bonding system called GC Kommon­Base (Fig. 1). A large bonding base provides more precise bracket fit and positioning and max­imizes bond strength. No transfer trays are needed because of the base’s self-positioning shape. In addition, by using a reference jig, single brackets can be rebonded in case of failure or the need for repositioning.

The GC KommonBase uses two types of unfilled, flowable resin: the high-flow, low-viscosity GC KommonBase Resin LV and the low-flow, high viscosity GC KommonBase Resin HV. The high viscosity resin is used to fill the space between the bracket pad and setup modelits “stickie” texture restricts flow during laboratory procedures. In contrast, the low-viscosity resin that forms the extended bonding base is spread over the lingual surface of the teeth like a film.

Setup model with reference jig made of .018″ x .025″ stainless steel reference archwire stabilized by three fixing pads.

The reference jig consists of a reference archwire and three fixing pads attached to the set up model- one at the midline and one distal to each second molar-to maintain and stabilize the position of the reference wire (Fig. 2).