Class II

Next Generation – Designed to Treat Retro Mandibular

No Emergencies, Requires No Patient Cooperation

Optimax Fix G2 is the next generation Optimax Fix.  Extremely comfortable with its ball and socket hinges and simple to use thanks to 4 pre-adjusted sizes, the system requires only minimum fixation without sacrificing performance.


The system is quickly positioned, once measured directly in the mouth and due to 4 pre-adjusted sizes.


With a reduced size, Optimax Fix G2 minimizes the potential of injury.


Maxillary and mandibular ball and socket hinges allow full functional physiological movement providing maximum comfort.


Optimax Fix G2 requires minimum fixation:

  • Maxillary – thanks to one support point on molar band’s EOT tube
  • Mandibular – due to one support point on the lip bumper’s molar buccal tube.  The anterior lock is inserted into the multibracket archwire but not fixed, stabilizing the mandibular auxiliary.  The anterior zone is not directly engaged.

Optimax Fix G2 is only active when mouth is closed.  The appliance has no permanent iatrogenic effects on the multibracket, no vestibuloversion on mandibular incisive block and no ingression of 16, 26. Optimax Fix G2 provides maximum control!

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Doctor Brochure Optimax Fix G2