This exquisite ceramic bracket adapts to the patient’s natural tooth color and has all the treatment versatility, strength and bonding reliability you require of a ceramic Appliance.

CNC Milling bracket

After metal (MIM) or ceramic (CIM) injection into the mold an additional step is conducted with each of our self-ligating brackets. This step involves milling each slot to guarantee its precision. The process, called CNC (Computer Numerical Controlled), is the best way to ensure an exact slot size of .018” and/or.022”.  For consistent milling the milling blade is changed after every 1000 brackets.  Our brackets perfectly express the programmed torque and angulation for predictable results.

Molded mecanical base.
Better retention and Easy debonding

Torque in base
Active clip
Triple chamfered slot entry

Distal-gingival color ID
Spring-clip with two contact points, fully covering the slot


EXPERIENCE ceramic debonding protocol

Color code

The distal-gingival color code allows an identification of the bracket to prevent bonding errors. For some prescriptions, these color codes may be different on the bicuspids.

Rhodium Coated

The « Rhodium coated » technology, is used for Initialloy and BioActive archwires as well. Combined with EXPERIENCE™ Ceramic, the aesthetics of the appliance is unobtrusive. (See the Archwires Dimension)

EXPERIENCE Ceramic prescriptions

EXPERIENCE Ceramic is available in Roth Type, Roth Type .020 x .028, Extra Torque et MBT* prescriptions

* MBT is a Trademark of 3M Unitek

How to open EXPERIENCE Ceramic?

Two possibilities to open the clip

Doctor Brochure

Patient Brochure