About Us

Decavita is the only one official GC Orthodontics company’s representative in Lithuania and Latvia.

About Us

Decavita is established 2016.
Decavita is the only one official GC Orthodontics company’s representative in Lithuania and Latvia.

Decavita specializes in orthodontic products and selling Tommy manufacturer products, organizes trainings for the doctors.

Company  is interested in future perspectivness and growing of portfolio.

GC Orthodontics Company

For almost a century, the dental industry has recognized GC  as being a top-tier provider for quality dental products. GC has proven their dedication to innovation and quality by continuously delivering new products and technology that have greatly contributed to improvements in dental care. With an outstanding range of over 600 different product types – including Fuji Glass Ionomer, MI Paste, and COE alginate – GC continues to help improve the oral health of people all over the world.


After the Tsunami disaster of 2011, in Fukushima, Japan, GC Corporation felt compelled to expand their contributions in the dental industry – specifically in the specialty of orthodontics. At the same time, TOMY® Inc., the leading manufacturer of orthodontic appliances, was faced with a different dilemma. Although their manufacturing plant was minimally affected by the Tsunami, the plant was located within the evacuation zone of the damaged nuclear facility and TOMY® Inc. was forced to open a new factory in a new location. Instead of giving up, TOMY® Inc., felt it was essential to prove its resilience, payback their customers’ loyalty and reestablish its top place in the market.


Together, GC and TOMY Inc. met and agreed to terms that would bring them closer to achieving both of their goals. Soon after, GC Corporation formed a new division, GC Orthodontics, and assembled a team of associates whose expertise in the orthodontic market would make these goals a reality.

Global Expert in Orthodontics

GC Orthodontics is now working with orthodontists around the world to provide them with high-quality products – they already know and love – from a company they can count on to treat them fairly and support their practice with the highest standard of customer service.

GC Vision Mission Values


To be Europeʼs benchmark dental company.


To make GC one of the leading oral health companies, supplying world-class quality products and services to all European dental professionals.


As a company we draw upon a multitude of opportunities and strengths. Each centres on our objective: to serve the needs of all European dental professionals.