Through orthodontists, dentists, technicians, hygienists and other dental professionals around the world, GC dental care products quality make a major contribution to people’s health.

Self-ligating brackets

A classic self-ligating bracket system proven reliable for the precision, control and versatility needed for your orthodontic treatment.

Standard brackets

As with EXPERIENCE mini metal RC, LEGEND mini and medium brackets are treated with a rhodium coating process making the brackets more aesthetic.

Standard Ceramic brackets

Chic is an injection molded ceramic bracket providing uniformity, strength, and a true mechanical base.


A wide range of accessories needed in orthodontics treatment – chains, springs, ligatures, hooks, stops, etc.

GC Ortho Connect

Launched in August 2013 in Japan under the name Universal Bond, GC has decided through GC Orthodontics


All these precision instruments are manufactured for dentistry and share a common feature: within a multi-phase manufacturing process

Delight light

Easy way to make attachments by yourself using silicon forms and GC Ortho Connect adhesive.


The DentaSonic IPR Strip System is an innovative
interproximal reduction system that makes
IPR safer and more accurate without creating
sharp corners.