ErgoStrip are designed to make restoration clean-up
quick, safe, simple and faster, after cementation of
crowns, veneers, bridges, inlays or onlays. Finish with
appropriate abrasive Resin Diamond Strip to smoothen
the final restoration.
The new design prevents soft tissue irritation, while the
unique handle provides a comfortable grip for perfect
tactile control, giving easy access to interproximal spaces.

The DentaSonic IPR Strip System is an innovative
interproximal reduction system that makes
IPR safer and more accurate without creating
sharp corners. Designed for use with Aligner
products present on the market, and other clear aligner
treatment systems, these strips curve and flex along the
natural contours of the teeth to prevent soft tissue irritation,
avoid cutting excessive enamel, and maximize
patient comfort. Pass the strip back and forth gently and
buccolingually only.


  1. Single-handed design offers
    optional tactile control.
  2. Easy access to tight ant.
    or post. areas.
  3. Wil not cut lips or gums and
    eliminates gagging.
  4. Flexible strip will contour the
    curvature of the tooth without creating
    subgingival ledges or sharp corners.
  5. Reduce binding and prevent residual
  6. Autoclavable up to 280°F or 135(steam
    heat only, not dry heat), and reusable.


Oscillating diamond DiaStrip for the bilateral and/or monolateral interdental reduction of the tooth size and the approximal finishing & polishing in orthodontics or restorative

2 sides or 1 side in 15 μm, 25 μm, 40 μm, 60 μm


Oscillating diamond coated DiaSaw for the bilateral interdental opening contact point and reduction of the tooth size in orthodontics

Available in Serrated, 15 μm, 25 μm, 40 μm + saw

DentaSonic catalog