Japanese Elastomeric Chain – GC Ortho Chain

Made from high-density and high-purity materials, this chain is precision-cut with identical intervals between links.
GC Ortho Chain exerts light and continuous force throughout its action, which is essential for optimal tooth movement.
Available in 2 m spools in grey or clear.


Very strong, latex-free separators with memory effect, these separators are ideal for creating spaces between molars.
Sold by 1000

GC Ties Elastomeric Ligatures

Latex-free, GC Ties ligatures allow for an upper and lower archwire change with a single stick. The high quality of the
polyurethane enables these ligatures to recover 90 % of their initial shape after being stretched.
Available in bags of 50 sticks, 20 ligatures per stick.
Outer diameter: .120″

Orchestra Intra and Extraoral Elastics

Our range of intra and extraoral elastics are made from the highest quality medical grade latex.
The stated force corresponds to the force three times its original listed diameter. Intraoral elastics are packaged by
5000 pcs. Extraoral elastics are packaged by 2500 pcs. Each bag contain 1 insertion plastic instrument. Latex free
elastics are listed on the chart below with product numbers (P/N) in white.

Elastics Placement

Archwire Protection Sleeves

Available in 3 m Spools.
For Archwires up to .018”, .021” x .027” and  .045” in Clear and Grey color.

Lip Protection

Bondable Lingual Attachments

Hooks and Stops for Archwires

Metal Ligatures and Kobayashi Ligatures

Preformed, Long (Pack of 600) in .008″, .009″, .010″, .011″, .012″
Preformed, Long, ivory-coloured (Pack of100) in .011″ Peek Coat
Preformed, Short, ivory-coloured (Pack of100) in .011″ and .012″ Peek Coat
Preformed, Short or Preformed, Short, Angulated .010” (Box of 1000)
Ligature, .010” (70 g Spool)


Kobayashi long .012” and .014” Bag of 100
Kobayashi short .012” Bag of 100
Kobayashi short .013″ Peek Coat Bag of 100