The MO Optics® Ultralight Flip-up loupes weigh only 11 grams! Magnification is available on-demand and the telescopes are easy to turn completely away from the field of vision. With this solution you no longer need to switch between different glasses during the work day.

  • Individually customized with no standard angles or other technical limitations
  • Unobstructed general visibility
  • Adjustable focus distance
  • Telescopes can be detached from the glasses – easy to clean and disinfect
  • Quick and economic power updates – only the eyeglass lenses need to be replaced
  • Telescopes can be re-mounted on another pair of glasses and even to a new user

The MO Optics® Ultralight TTL loupes will automatically guide you to work in an ergonomically correct posture. Limited declination angle – a problem typically associated with galilean TTL loupes – is overcome with the help of Strainless Optics design features.  The loupes’ simple structure together with optimally sized telescopes allow unobstructed general visibility, and the magnifying area can be freely positioned in the lower field of vision.

  • Lightweight, only 35 grams (complete system)
  • Individually customized with no standard angles
  • Image-shifting prism lenses as standard
  • Made-to-measure focus distance (no steps)
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

The MO Optics® VinKep loupes’ Keplerian-type telescopes provide strong magnification and large field of vision together with an edge-to-edge accurate image. The size, weight and ergonomic problems typical for traditional Keplerian loupes have been avoided with innovative design and choice of materials. The loupes’ downward-tilting structure provides unobstructed general visibility and the relatively small telescopes can be positioned exceptionally low in the eyeglass lenses.

  • Improved balance and less than half of the weight of traditional Kepler systems
  • No neck bending – patented Pentaroof Prism system shifts the magnified image up and forward
  • Individually customized with no standard angles
  • Made-to-measure focus distance (no steps)
  • Easy to clean and disinfect

Even in good lighting conditions a viewing target with cavities often has hard-to-see details, due to shadows caused by the overhead operation light. The MO Optics® DeLight loupe light produces a bright and concentrated light beam coaxial with your line of vision, removing the shadows and helping you to see even the most challenging areas.

  • Lamp’s weight only 6 grams
  • Daylight-coloured light reproduces the viewed object’s natural colours
  • Large multifunction switch enables fully aseptic use
  • Stepless dimmer function
  • Adjustable carrying strap with cord pocket
  • 10 hours operation time with full luminosity
  • Smart click-on lock and a variety of adapters for different attachments

Room lighting

Operation light

MO Optics® DeLight